LUMI GAME gaming products are created for the warrior spirit that lives inside every Gamer.

Located in Ningbo, China – one of China’s fastest growing esports gaming areas – LUMI GAME is a brand of products that focuses on innovating cutting-edge technology specifically to improve gaming performance.Coming together as a group of emphatic esports enthusiasts and gamers, the force behind LUMI GAME made it a mission to create the most affordably-priced, highest quality line of gaming accessories available in the market today.

Relying on close consultation with fellow gamers and the esports community, the ideas and creative inspiration behind each product is fully thought-out, tested…and re-tested. Industrial design elements and material selection is carefully considered, ensuring each LUMI GAME product meets the demanding expectations of our users and team of product designers and engineers. The world of tech accessories is large, but LUMI GAME has done the heavy lifting for you by providing the must-have accessories you’ll need to create a great PC gaming setup.

LUMI GAME Ergonomic Product Line

With the amount of time that people spent on video games increasing, it is not only a great opportunity to enter the gaming gear business, but also a perfect time to invest in the ergonomic gaming furniture and accessories market.

It is clear that the sedentary lifestyle of mankind has evolved to the 2.0 version, from working overtime to gaming overtime. In the foreseeable future, the revenue of the gaming industry will surpass that of the movie and music industries combined. The impact on daily life is phenomenal-people will endure prolonged sitting during and after work, either playing with their mobile phones or PCs.

Moreover, watching video games is also gaining greater popularity amongst younger generations. 50% of gamers watch gaming streams, reaching 75% in younger age groups.

Meanwhile, gamers under 25 watch significantly more gaming content than traditional sports. E-sports events as a major part of gaming industry has been a significant global phenomenon-the teams and professional gamers catch enormous attention from all over the world. Therefore, the time spent on sitting behind a monitor, playing/watch video games will dramatically increase.

Even worse, the damage caused by long hours of gaming is more serious, because the dopamine released by playing video games will significantly reduce pain levels, resulting in more serious damage that goes unnoticed.

As a result, a niche market for ergonomic gaming setups is emerging to help younger generation overcome health risks caused by the intensified sedentary lifestyle.

In order to achieve this goal, LUMI GAME thinks beyond the details like materials, durability, dimensions and cool appearance with RGB lighting effects, and brings improved ergonomics including desk and monitor height adjustability, viewing angle adjustability and sitting comfort.

Hundreds of thousands of research hours and testing have been devoted to developing the reliable and durable gaming setups which balance the style, ergonomics and affordability. From award-winning monitor arms which release eye and neck fatigue to racing simulator cockpits which allow for comfortable real-life driving experience, our products will be great entry-level gaming equipment for the huge number of newbies rushing into the “battle station” during the boom of gamers in the past few years.

LUMI GAME leads a newbie journey to the expressive world of aesthetic PC gaming with innovative product design and playful buzz of geeky synthetic ambience light. However, apart from the exciting gaming ambience, we also promote healthier gaming environment for gamers no matter gamers play or watch video games.